Outstanding people have one thing in common: An absolute sense of mission.

Our Mission

Deployment of our military members really take a toll on marriages and families. We would like to help bring families together and keep them together while their spouse/partners are making sacrifices to help keep our families and our country safe. We want to provide the tools for these families to reconnect when current deployment is completed. We would like to work with the support groups that exist on the different bases and be able to bring some programs to the families that they might not be aware are available to them. Providing a source for families to turn to when they feel the pressure of being a one parent family will help reduce the pressure of our military members having to decide between family and their military service.

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Families often want to hold barbecues and big welcome home parties for their loved one when they return. The service member often has mixed feelings about returning home because they now face a completely different day-to-day life than they have grown used to. Relaxing may be what they want, not a big party. Reworking “who does what”, who handles the money now, who takes the kids to school, who mows the lawn; these issues will need to be dealt with. Make sure that all family members talk to each other about what they want and expect, even before returning home. Our goal is to provide a location where the family can get to know each other without the pressure of everyday life. In the past, our military members had more of a chance to unwind on their return to their home base, but today you are in combat one day and home with the family in 2 to 3 days.

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We want to offer assistance to Homeless Veterans in finding resources for them to take advantage of the services that are available to them. We would research different organization that are currently working with Homeless Veterans, this area is something that requires the counselors and facilities that can meet the need of Each Veteran.