Frequent Questions with Answers.

Q. What is the Primary Objective of this organization?
A. We want to provide a place where families can reconnect with each other after one of their parents return from a deployment.

Q. Who is Eligible to stay at Vets Retreat?
A. Based on space available, any Veteran returning from deployment will be eligible to stay at Vetsretreat.

Q. What Does it Cost to Stay at this Facility?
A. There will not be any charge to the Veteran for their Cottage and there are many items included for their visit..

Q. How do we register for a stay at Vetsretreat?
A. There will be a registration form on the web site that must be completed and we will follow up with you on the same day.

Q. I see that you have Counselors, are these Certified Staff members?
A. Yes they are, we will have different counselors (Military and Civilian) that we will be associated with depending on the need.

Q. What options are available for Volunteers?
A. We need assistance in different areas, helping with kids, assisting people with local attractions.

Q. I have seen two names associated with your site.
A.  Yes our web site is Vets Retreat but the organization is registered under Returning Retreat Inc. because you can not have Veterans in your business name.

Q. Are you associated with any other organizations?
A. Under our Helpful Links, we have other organizations that assist Veterans, just click on the link and it will take you to their page.

Q. Is VetRetreat Open at this time?
A. We will develop the cottage facility within six (6) months after our 501C(3) is approved.

Q. What is the Status of your 501C (3)?
A. We received our 501 (c) (3)  approval on 2/2/18 which now permits us to move forward. The EIN Number is 82-4272644.