Every story has a beginning. This is ours…

Living close to a large military installation, we would often have contact with what we thought were single parent families living in the local area. Through various conversations, we learned that their spouse/partner were on deployment with our military. Several individuals spoke about how as happy as they were to have their significant other home, it did create some different issues after their extended absence.

When a member of the military is deployed, their families are also deployed but remain at the permanent duty station. Life goes on and everyone adapts but our organization felt that it would be a great benefit for those families to have a little time to reconnect away from the installation and/or the daily life that there families had been maintaining while their military partners were deployed.


How it all came to be...

When we started looking at how these families reconnect when the deployments were over, we saw that many just tried to jump back into the family as if they had been there yesterday. As we explored the various web sites with the different programs to assist military members, we did not really see anything with regards to assisting dependents and their issues.

Another issue that we feel strongly about is the plight of Homeless Vets that you are hearing about in the news. Spending time at local VA offices, we have also spoken to some of these homeless vets, it is not always the housing but more an environment issue for many of them. At this time, we do not believe we are in position to offer the quality service that these Veterans deserve but we do want to develop the contacts to find them the services that they require.